How To Take A Screenshot With A 60 Keyboard

On the next page, choose if you want to record the whole screen, an active window, or an Edge tab. If you are a student looking for the easiest way to record the screen on Windows 11, you can do so using Microsoft PowerPoint. Generally, students get an Office subscription through their schools or colleges, so this might come in handy for recording the screen. You can bundle DemoCreator and DemoCreator Effects together for $99.99/year.

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To record the whole screen, press Windows + Shift + F. Screen recording is built into iPhones but to use it, you will have to activate it first. Priyanka is a customer centric and data driven Product Marketing Manager with a diverse experience. At BlueJeans, she is responsible for driving marketing strategy for the BlueJeans Meetings platform focused on go-to-market activities and product messaging. In Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and an MBA in Marketing & Business Analytics from SMU in Dallas, Texas. Outside of work, Priyanka loves spending time with her family and traveling the world.

Fix 100% Disk Usage Problem on Windows 10

Close on the heels of uninstalling Snipping Tool in Windows 11, you can attempt to repair and reset the app. This will fix any newly found issues in the app’s processes as shown below. ” notification when Snipping Tool is trying to open Settings. Make sure the “Auto copy to clipboard” toggle is turned on. While the other toggles in the menu can be turned off to suit your needs, the “Auto copy to clipboard” option should always be kept on.

If your drive is now 0% fragmented, you’re good to go. Remember that these optimization options only apply to traditional rotating platters hard drives. The issue here is that whenever data fragments are stored farther away from each other, it takes a while for your computer to recollect it all before it can be presented to you again. This slows down the overall reading speed of that hard drive. This is another reason why hard drive-based computers tend to slow down when your storage is almost full.

How to Add “Boot to Advanced Startup Options” to Context Menu

However, clicking the Task View button in the Taskbar will continue to show running apps in full-screen. Also, The selected item in “ALT + TAB,” “Task View,” and “Snap assist” will now use the system accent color. Windows 11 22H2 brings some changes for the “Quick Settings” flyout, including a new option to open the “Bluetooth & Devices” setting page when right-clicking the “Bluetooth” button.

I was stuck with what I was sure was now a very expensive brick. You should have fewer hiccups now that you know how to reset your Windows 10 PC. And if you’re planning on selling or giving your laptop away, you can do it with peace in mind that the next owner won’t have access to your files. You might also want to reset your Windows 10 laptop if you’re upgrading to a new device and want to sell your old one. Of course, you don’t want to give a laptop filled with sensitive information and personal documents to a stranger.

The group then gets saved to the Taskbar in a “Snap Group,” so I can get back to them very easily with a single click. This helps me save time during my day, cutting out the need to reopen multiple apps and drag them to the sides of my screen over and over again. Going back to the design, though, even the animations have changed in Windows 11. As you log in to Windows 11, your Taskbar icons float in from the bottom. Opening and minimizing an app makes the icon bounce. Moving around an open window brings up a glass-like pane.

And here’s where the controversy comes back into play. Microsoft says that this change should bring you closer to the things on the PC that you love. But if you don’t like it and are too used to Windows 10, you can still move the taskbar backor make Windows 11 look like Windows 10 with third-party programs like Start11.

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